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A creative and practical way to teach scripture & spiritual concepts to adults & children through art techniques.

This book is a tool to grow your identity through creativity.

This motivational 2-in-1 workbook, which can also act as a teacher’s guide, encourages your inner creative child and unique mind to embark on a whimsical art journey.

You will explore a variety of art techniques that will stimulate new ideas whilst capturing biblical concepts. The goal is to develop more of your creative DNA through the instruction pages designed to assist you in turning practical art pages into works of art. These inspiring scripture-based therapeutic art pages take you on a journey that will inspire you and encourage you to grow your identity through creativity.

This fun-filled 54-lesson workbook will not only enrich you as a person but also bless your relationships with others as it creates an opportunity for communication on deeper topics.

Purchase "Identity through Creativity" NOW!

Your artistic adventure awaits!

How "Identity through Creativity" can benefit you & your child.

Art & Creativity are often seen as the “extras” in our everyday lives, including our children, yet you only have ONE chance with your personal creative art journey as well as your child’s creative development.
We offer simple, user-friendly creative art activities which challenge you to think “out-of-the-box” and renew your mind…

 Belief that you are a creative being with incredible DNA

Develop your understanding of basic technique & art mediums

Celebrate the creative potential you were born with

Connect with your inner artist

Become more sensitive to your purpose

Bridge biblical truths with practical and fun art activities

“Identity through Creativity”, takes you on an out-of-the-box, creative and spiritual art journey.

Abba laid it on my heart to find a practical way to teach scripture.

As an artist, art teacher, homeschooler and mother of 5, I believe that ART IS THERAPY!

Abba laid it on my heart to find a practical way to teach scripture and spiritual concepts to adults and the next generation. We, are fearfully and wonderfully made and created to discover more of our creative DNA whilst renewing our minds and hearts. Explore fun techniques and imprint biblical truths through visual stimulation while enjoying Bible journaling with a twist.

You were born for a specific purpose, a puzzle piece on the earth for a time such as this. Your name is special and written in the book of life! You are chosen to touch others’ hearts.

Invest in the spiritual development of your children and grandchildren through the purchase of my new workbook, “Identity through Creativity”. This, is a 2-in-1 art & scripture-based workbook/curriculum that offers 54 user-friendly lessons followed by an activity page to complete – these lessons are fun and inspiring for all ages. Your purchase also gives you unlimited access to the exclusive Facebook members community, where we share our pages to inspire and support each other. I invite you to enjoy the art from my heart.

“And be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2

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Free! Free! Free! Free!

This free Vision Board Guide reminds you that you are worthy and unique.

Love from fellow creatives

I have a library of free inspirational videos that will encourage you to explore your ideas through self-expression whilst igniting your imagination.